Thursday, April 03, 2003

had to return the books so was only about 3/4 of the way thru Sophie's Choice and about 1/4 thru The Invisible Man (The Wells' one) and then had to say goodbye. when they were returned, discovered to my horror that The Trial was still sitting on my table, looking all forlorn by its lonesome self. so i dashed to the PC, got onto the Internet and clicked on the RENEW slot, suffering a 50cent fine in the process. but it's better than if i had actually already read the book and then discovered it. this way iget another miserly 3 weeks to read it. 3 weeks!!! and one borrower only gets 4 books!!! i think it's good to have a limit .... some pp might borrow heaps of books (like i already do ....having 'stolen' 2 other cards) and never let others have a chance to read them.
but this sudden dearth (is that the right word?) of library books have given me a chance to focus on the books that have been lying in my room waiting to be read. there's a good side to everything!!