Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I was a bit early for my lunch with a friend at Bugis Junction so I took a slow walk through the mall, noticing several men in the perfume section buying last-minute Valentine's Day gifts. The store was abuzz with life, despite it being a Tuesday early afternoon. Couples gazed adoringly into each others' eyes over $22 VDay set lunches, young couples strolled hand in hand, the girl often cradling a small bouquet of roses swathed in a multitude of crepe paper used to make the bouquet look larger than it really is. A good number of people were doused in pink. One girl even wore a pink tube top (with the most hideously dead-looking faux fur trim on the top), carried a pink bag and had a thick layer of pink eyeshadow. I had to quickly walk away before I upchucked my lunch.
Even more strange I find is that friends wish me Happy VDay, like its new year or something. One of them explained that it's a day for friends to express friendship as well.
I'll say it back, just don't expect me to actually wish you first!
I'm a VDay cynic.
I'd like to be the antiCupid, shooting my black arrows at those love bubbles above adoring couples' heads.

Anyway, new haul:

1. Oliver Sacks - Seeing Voices: A Journey Into The World Of The Deaf
(Wanting to read some nonfiction, I was trying to find his other book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, which wasn't available at the library.)

2. Rudolph Chelminski - The perfectionist : Life and Death in Haute Cuisine (which DSD recommended)

3. Johanna Sinisalo - Troll: A Love Story (Translated from Finnish, this book is a recommendation off Powell's)

4. Nathanael West - Miss Lonelyhearts, and The Day Of The Locust
(West died a few years after writing these two books, then virtually unknown. Today they are considered American classics)

I was also tempted to get several cookbooks but decided that lugging them around until I got to work would be too much of a pain.

And so I did it again. Added more books to my (Too Many) To Be Read pile. I should actually write up a (TM)TBR list so that I can live up to reality and admit I have a problem.

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