Sunday, March 02, 2003

it's not as if i haven't been reading. i just haven't been posting. currently attacking three books and wondering if i can get them back to the library on time! Stories Of John Cheever, COme And Go Molly Snow, The Fourth Hand
Definitely relishing the John Cheever. He is so brilliant! I savour each word, each description that i'm reading so slowly. And it is quite a thick book. I guess it's good in some way that it is a collection of short stories cos if i really can't finish i can return it and let it be. it won't be as if i didn't find out the ending of the book.
and The Fourth Hand is more of Irving's really strange ideas. i guess he was inspired by that guy who got the hand transplant in ....Austr? NZ? and it turns out he was a convict. well the book isn't like that but it does mention that. and interestingly, it does not have a bear in the book, only a lion.

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