Friday, August 01, 2003

The Camera My Mother Gave Me

I picked up this book at the SPH sale for charity. i think it cost $5. It was an intriguing blurb at the back which reads:
'If you have a vagina you know that most of hte time it is without do your kidneys feel? How does your pancreas feel? Luckily we have no idea how these things feel. The vagina is mostly like a pancreas and feels nothing. If it feels something, it is either erotically engaged or ill.

'All this is obvious if you have one. But half of us don't.

'i have one, and something went wrong with it.'

Well plus it was five bucks....

it did seem promising. i liked the cover. it was simple, no pictures and a calming shade of green. Also, The Camera My Mother Gave Me was an intriguing title. it still is.

and i guess Susanna Kaysen's name did stick in my mind. she did write Girl, Interrupted after all. i read that. i think.
unfortunately at this moment i only recall the movie n that Angelina Jolie stole the show from Winona Ryder. Deservingly. Winona Ryder acts exactly the same in every movie.

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