Friday, August 01, 2003

In Retrospect

Another attempt at reading an autobiography. The other more recent one was the Katharine Graham book. which gave an interesting insight into the world of newspaper publishing. and that she was acquainted with Truman Capote. I did pick up a book yesterday in the library that mentioned that some author had Capote as a neighbour when she was young. He appears everywhere!

anyhoo...In Retrospect is Robert McNamara's book. the former US Secretary of Defense (Kennedy''s time, that is)
why his book? he writes on the Vietnam War. Something which i probably should know more about but i don't. so i'm hoping to learn more about it.
it's not too bad so far, he writes in quite a conversational way, or at least Brian VanDeMark, who is credited alongside McNamara, does.

a little heavy and slow-going so i hopefully i won't have to renew it...

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