Tuesday, October 14, 2003

if nobody speaks

of remarkable things

isn't that a gorgeous title? I think i'd heard of it somewher else before and it caught my eye at the library.

I'm just starting on it but I do like the way he opens the book. With sound. To further illustrate what i mean here's a sentence from the second paragraph of the book.

'The low soothing hum of air-conditioners, fanning out the heat and the smells of shops and cafes and offices across the city, winding up and winding down, long breaths layered upon each other, a lullaby hum for tired streets.'

He's quite poetic but loses me a little at times as he does write about a whole lot of things that are going on. I do like the bits where he's more of an observer looking down on the various goings-on in the street below and writing about them.

Then he switches to a first-person narrative and stupid me, thought it was a guy. Turns out to be a girl. Maybe i was just sleepy when i was reading that. (!)

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